Sena's story

Sena Ecocouture is a sustainable Dutch fashion label located in the Hague, the Netherlands. We create feminine, powerful fashion with unique details. Made for every female form, minimalist, chic and with unusual accents.

Sena Ecocouture uses mainly organic materials for its designs. And where we use synthetic materials, we only use recycled. Think of buttons made from recycled soda bottles or an old button box. In this way even artificial can become almost organic. Sena uses fabrics such as cotton, wool, hemp, linen, silk and bamboo. All from certified organic sources. In addition, we use other sustainable materials such as tencel and recycled leather. Sena is also a member of the Fairwear Foundation.

Maria de Sena Neves is the designer behind Sena Ecocouture. Born on the Cape Verde Islands and raised in the Netherlands, she infuses a wealth of culture and inspiration into her designs. Maria was already 'eco' before eco was even a buzzword. In 2009 the experienced designer decided to make her dream a reality: an elegant but feisty fashion brand with people- and environmentally friendly clothing.

Sena Ecocouture is aware. Not just self-aware but also aware of the world around her. Eco fashion on high heels, that's Sena!